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Kare Drug

Where we truly Kare for our patients

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Two Locations for your KARE and Wellbeing

Kare Drug has been serving the communities of Bloomfield and Aztec for over 40 years. Choose a location to get started today.



Est. 1976



Est. 1972

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We have 2 locations to serve you & so much to offer

In addition to Karing for all of your prescription needs, we offer a unique gift boutique, free blood pressure monitoring, and much more.

​See our services page or simply stop in and shop.

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We Are Your Local Pharmacy

We're not one of those big box impersonal drug stores. We are your good, old fashioned pharmacy with a few modern touches, for convenience! We make the effort to know your doctors and work with them to ensure you have the most effective medication treatment available.

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